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InHabit interactive city game

Short url: https://squ.at/r/7t04
InHabit:Tibahni Get out of habit and start inhabiting the city! InHabit takes us to Tibahni, the city that is every city. Inhabiting Tibahni takes you on missions reviewing your habits of living in a city and aims to help you to reconnect, rediscover and truly inhabit it. Every mission brings us closer to the city and one another. The more missions we accomplish the more extended the map of Tibahni becomes, until we have included each and every one of us and each city in the map of Tibahni. Tibahni breaks down borders from April 19th, 2 PM Zulu time on. tibahni.global
Date & Time:
Sunday, 19 April, 2020 – 14:00
Price: free